Courses Offered

There is just ONE Course offered by The Liberal School. However, it is five–phased, and entry and exit is possible in Phase I and Phase II. Thus, coaching and indepent learning resources are available for Phase I A and Phase II only.

Each phase is four months long with one contact/week. The five phases of the course are:

Phase I A – Pre–school I*

Phase I B – Pre–school II*

  • Art
  • Environmental studies

*Each of the two part of the Phase is of four months duration.

Phase II – Primary I

Phase III – Primary II

  • Environmental studies (Introduction to science and social science)
  • Structuring Art, Music, Physical education
  • Fine–turning Reading & Writing

Phase IV – Preparing for Secondary I

Phase V – Preparing for Secondary II

  • Science
  • Structuring social science
  • Fine–turning Reading & Writing
  • Assessment

On–demand online assessments, to be taken by parents and children, are part of the course. Exclusive Assessment support

Parents can also enroll in the Phased course only for seeking the online assessment (and continue to independently learn from the books).


The Liberal School has developed the world's first 'Curricula for educating gifted children.' It is a grade-free and age-free educational resource that is categorised into 4 stages –

  • Pre-primary (Two Kindergarten years)
  • Primary (but split into two' soft compartments' – I–II and III–V)
  • Middle and Secondary (Grades VI–X)
  • Higher Secondary (Grades XI-XII)


Assessment will completely move away from content/knowledge to a broader set of 21st century skills. For instance, critical thinking will be assessed through the closest linkage of the assessment content, instruments, and evaluation criteria to the widest variety of real-world living and professional situations.

Progress Evaluation

It is a 'multi-grade' assessment and reporting. Grades are used only as a proxy for maturity and easy understanding (we are all used to the grade structure).