Foundations of mathematical thinking

Theme I: Diversity
LO I: Observing diversity in carsr
LO II: More diversity in cars
LO III: Exploring diversity in clothes
LO IV: More on diversity in clothes
LO V: Diverse things in my pencil case
LO VI: Observing diversity among my toys
LO VII: Experiencing diversity during a nature walk
LO VIII: Diversity in the food we eat
LO IX: Discussion on diversity in rooms at home
LO X: Discussing diversity among family members

Theme II: Opposite
LO I: Opposite actions
LO II: Tall, long and short
LO III: Big and small
LO IV: Greater, more and less
LO V: Opposites for describing objects
LO VI: Opposites for describing time
LO VII: Opposites for describing position – I
LO VIII: Opposites for describing position – II
LO IX: Opposites for describing movements
LO X: Opposites around us

Theme III: Similarity and Difference
LO I: Exploring similar things
LO II: Things that go together
LO III: Exploring differences between things
LO IV: Exploring difference in size
LO V: Spotting differences
LO VI: Finding the odd one out
LO VII: Comparing things
LO VIII: Comparing animals
LO IX: Comparing day and night
LO X: Comparing read out text